Tuesday 12 June 2018

Memoji Apps, Animoji Apps and How Anitooni Fits In

WWDC 2018 Announcements

This year Apple announced Memoji at WWDC! The idea of creating customised Animoji certainly excited me, but also made me wonder what the impact would be on Anitooni (the Vibe cartoon Animoji app).

After spending months building characters and learning the Apple ARKit library, it would have been a real blow if Apple had brought out a new SDK to replace all my work.
Well, at present there seems to be no plan for this. The underlying (and private) AvatarKit is not available for use in App Store apps. Some developers have found ways to extract the Animoji characters into their own test apps, but these cannot be released to the general public in the Apple app store. So for another year at least, Anitooni won't have any direct competition from Apple.

How Anitooni is Different from Memoji and Animoji

The basic premise of a cartoon face that animates based on a camera capturing your own facial features is the same. That is about where the similarity stops.

Here is a comparative list of what separates Animoji / Memoji from Anitooni:

Anitooni Memoji Animoji
Animated character face Yes Yes Yes
Can record longer than 9 seconds Yes No No
Can be used outside of Messages app Yes No No
Can switch between characters mid-recording Yes No No
Can create movie scenes Planned No No
Can customise Avatar Planned Yes No
Can upload to YouTube Yes No No
Can send via Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger Yes No No

So there you go, Anitooni is less restricted than Animoji and Memoji, but Apple have certainly set the bar high!


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Memoji Apps, Animoji Apps and How Anitooni Fits In

WWDC 2018 Announcements This year Apple announced Memoji at WWDC! The idea of creating customised Animoji  certainly excited me, but als...